10 things that you must have in your closet – Men version


We all wake up every now and then with our left foot, our hair unrelenting, an imperfection in our skin, or without knowing what to wear.

That’s why I decided to write this entry, to accompany you when the numbers in your closet don’t close, for those days when you need to choose a garment to get out of the way and look like a genius.

Well without further ado, here are the 10 clothes you should always have in the closet, to get out of any situation:

1. White shirt, saves your life, lights up your face and looks good with just about anything, with jeans, with a tie and whatever.

2. Blazer black, blue, or gray, you can match it with almost anything, and if you know how to play your cards you can look elegant or canchero depending on the occasion.

3. Black leather jacket, a must in the closet, easy to combine with T-shirts, but without tucks or many things, preferably straight cut.

4. Chomba, I know it is a controversial garment and especially when it is Lacoste, but this brand has all the colors, white, dark blue or pale pink are very versatile colors that you can use for any occasion.

5. Jeans, jeans will never go out of style, but my recommendation is to play it safe, a classic model has no loses.

6. A good pair of glasses, cold or hot a good pair of glasses is an accessory that can always make you stand out, but it combines very well with the shape of your face.

7. A watch is an essential accessory in your outfit, it is not the cheapest accessory, but it is definitely worth it.

8. Belt, brown and black, but let him come out with the shoes.

9. Caps, they are ideal to cover you from the sun in summer, my suggestion is flat cap or Tucker according to your type of face.

10. Bracelets, are an accessory that differentiates you, people will always notice them, preferably in the hand against the clock, so that it looks even more beautiful.

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