7 emerging fashion brands to look this year

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2019 promises to be a very interesting year in fashion trends. Young, creative designers from Sweden, Nigeria, Hungary, Germany and L.A. (just to name a few) have all breathed new life into the fashion world.

Following is a short list of 7 new fashion brands to watch out for, this year. They all promise an exciting variety of ‘must-haves’ for our wardrobes.

Here is the top 7 most promising ones you must check out

1) Nanushka -women’s wear, Budapest, Hungary

Informal luxury clothing, sophisticated, ultra classy, subtle, feminine but also a minimalist classic style. Makes a woman feel and look like a real woman.

The creative use of beautiful fabrics-satin, silk, angora, linen, soft pinks, subtle femininity, blacks and whites, just incredibly designed and giving the promise of being easy-to-wear, guarantee that this company will gain popularity quickly. Her original, modern designs will definitely be a winner.

2) Shapermint —shapewear, U.S.A.

Shapermint is a brand that is growing rapidly and winning the hearts of women worldwide. They are reinventing the way shapewear is perceived. Times are changing and women want to enjoy their life and their bodies. Their motto is: “We are #Shapermint. We wear shapewear – LOUD and PROUD!

These are not grandmother’s knickers that endless jokes were made about. They have designed comfortable, attractive bodywear for real women that won’t cost more than your monthly mortgage. This brand name is surely going to be a winner.

3) Madhappy —streetwear, L.A.

This brand is for the ‘kid’ in all of us, for those ‘down times’, when you want comfort but also want to look great. The designers have given us both. The t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants and hats are unique and just what people want.

4) Eytys —shoes, unisex jeans, Stockholm, Sweden

This brand is well founded, having a history in the fashion world with their popular sneakers. They have stepped over to creating a boot for hiking and are also making the leap to ready-to-wear fashions, as well as the big jump now into unisex jeans. Another winner for sure.

5) Roksana —lifestyle clothes, Nigeria

You will love the vibrant designs coming from this innovative designer. They are building a strong reputation for delivering a product that is based on being fresh and full of class. They promise comfort and a life-style.

6) Horror Vacui —women’s wear, Germany

Luxury fashion. The brand’s name reflects the fear of emptiness and the details of color and design used in the creations are aimed at the opposite phenomenon- filled with so much color and attention to detail. Check their online site to see absolutely, incredible outfits.

The attention to detail is a work of art. These designs are maximalist-the opposite of minimalist. The use of color is wonderful. Truly, a creative designer at work here—nightshirts worn in the 15th century – exquisite, inspire their summer dresses! Keep an eye on this brand for sure.

7) Neous —footwear, UK.

Minimalist shoe line has been inspired by the simplicity of Peruvian Orchids. Upon observing their line of footwear, thankfully you do not observe a single flower. Instead of making their shoes look like flowers, they have imitated the basic aesthetic of a flower, by making something look extremely simple despite the fact that it is not.

Their shoes are a work of art that will recreate the way you think about adorning your feet.

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