7 Infographics any woman would wish she had seen before

Whether you are a work-at-home mom, entrepreneur or an employee, get ready for all aspects of your life to be scrutinized. Everything from your romantic relationships, choice in clothing or how you raise your children, etc. will be criticized from those around you.

It is inevitable – being criticized. Ladies, never shoot back with a sarcastic remark, never-ever lower your self to their level. But you can get a grip on these negative comments by upping your style. Stepping up your image will instantly boost your self-confidence in a way that you never imagined possible and stop hateful critics in their tracks.

We have complied 7 info-graphics that will show you some fundamental secrets that will have you looking your best, no matter what type of body type you have or whether you have a small or large clothing allowance.

Read on to learn how you can look your best without breaking the bank!

1) DIY Beauty fixes that don’t cost a dime

We are always on the lookout for new beauty products that will rejuvenate our appearance, only to be disappointed with the results. The best beauty fixes known to womankind won’t even cost you a penny.

It might be tempting to hide our blemishes under a sink load of products that only cause more skin irritation in the long run. Whether you suffer from acne, dry skin, rosacea, etc. these simple solutions in the following info-graphic will be your best line of attack, without breaking the bank or unwanted side effects.

Have you ever wondered how other girls have beautiful, flawless skin? Believe me, when I say that it wasn’t inherited but they have learned to follow these rules as God-given ritual each day of year.

Remember true beauty comes from within. So if you take good care of your body and skin it will show!

DIY Beauty fixes

2) Dressing for success leads to success

You know that feeling, when you slip into your favorite ensemble, you feel empowered as if you can take on the world.

As it turns out “dressing for success” is much more than a catching saying or motto. Studies have proven that dressing appropriately for the situation, can actually help us get ahead in our lives and jobs faster.

Dressing appropriately shows respect and honor for those around us. Actually, it has been considered that our dress is part of showing proper etiquette and manners, showing others what you represent as a person.

The famous quote: “Dress how you want to be addressed” speaks an honest truth that cannot be denied by anyone. We live in a world that is quick to judge a book by its cover, and our book cover is the clothes we choose to wear.

In the following info-graphic we will show you hap you can keep your personality and individuality without causing the wrong-impression. All we need to need to do is follow the simple suggestions below:

dressing for success

3) Your go-to-guide for perfect hair

The purist of picture perfect hair can be an as elusive as seeing a mermaid or unicorn. Plus it can cost us a pretty penny, if we go to hairdressers weekly to get our hair styled or it can eat up our precious time.

Nevertheless, some women always seem to have a head of hair flawless, not even a strand of hair is out of place. Frizzy hair is at bay even if they are in high-humidity areas. What is their secret?

No matter what type of hair you have inherited from your parents, this easy to follow suggestions below, will give you flawless hair everyday and everywhere!

go-to-guide for perfect hair

4) Different face shapes require different makeup techniques

Makeup is all about enhancing your unique features and aspects.

We all have different shaped faces and often what looks good on one girl will look terrible on you. Before applying makeup, you need to identify your face shape to be able to properly conceal your imperfections and blemishes. Also this will help you to apply your makeup correctly.

The secret to applying makeup not about how much money you spend on makeup and cosmetics but rather it is about how to apply the proper techniques and colors that will enhance your natural features.

By following the suggestions below you will learn how to balance your makeup to the natural contours of your face.

different makeup techniques

5) How choose the best shapewear for every outfit

Which body shaping shapewear should you wear under your skinny jeans, pencil skirt, your little black dress or that blouse with a plunging sexy neckline? Our easy follow guide breaks it down for you, so you will look fantastic in whatever you decide to wear.

Wearing the wrong type of shapewear with a certain outfit will not only is uncomfortable but it might even make you look fatter that you really are.

Shapermint shapewear guide

6) How to choose your dream wedding dress

Since we have been little girls we have been imagining our perfect wedding dress. But everyone’s idea of perfect varies, for some the ideal wedding dress might be a regal ball gown fit made for a princess, others it might be a sleek form-fitting gown that will allow everyone to appreciate her curves.

However, whatever is your envision as your ideal wedding dress, there are some guidelines to consider before deciding on the wrong wedding dress that you will only regret for years to come.


7) Fit for success

Being fit and healthy can increase your ability to handle periods of high-intensity and stress levels. Also it can increase your overall outlook on life and positivity towards yourself and others.

Getting in shape doesn’t require an expensive gym pass or equipment just a tiny bit of your precious time each day. Check the following guide below to get and maintain a bikini bod year round!


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