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Our sense of smell is the most direct of our senses. Its effect is immediate. The aroma acts directly on the emotions and, therefore, can change the mood of the people in just three seconds. The human brain is capable of storing millions of information, including smells. Aromatherapy is a tool used to restore these emotions and keep the balance within the sensory functions.

Olfactory memory has the role of recognizing the smell and communicating to the body its meaning, rescuing the emotions associated with it in the past and which generated memory. The choice of fragrances also has meaning. When a person exudes a certain aroma, she sends a message to the world, according to the chosen fragrance.

What is aromatherapy

Aromatherapy stems from phytotherapy that consists in the use of treatment based on the effect that the scents of plants are capable of provoking in the individual. This is the science, which explores the use of plant oils for the benefit of society.

Essentials oil can be applied diluted on the skin, through massages, creams, lotions and gel or pure, by inhalation. Depending on the use, it will cause physical, mental and emotional effects, changing breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, moods, concentration, etc. Aromatherapy is used in the treatment of most diseases and imbalances, being considered a holistic therapy.

Tips on How to Use Essential Oils

There are several ways to use essential oils: massage, bath, shower, compresses, inhalations, foot scrubs … Here we give some tips on how to use the oils:


Choose vegetable oil according to your skin type, and up to 3 essential oils according to the desired purpose.
For 30 ml (3 tablespoons) vegetable oil, which is enough for application throughout the body, add up to 20 drops of essential oil. If you prefer pour essential oils directly into the bottle of vegetable base or lotion (120 ml) add up to 60 drops of essential oil.

Immersion Bath (Bathtubs)

In a container, dilute the essential oils into vegetable oils of your choice or into cereal alcohol:
In 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil or alcohol, add 5 to 10 drops of essential oil. You can mix up to 3 types of essential oils.

Warm compress

Pour 5 to 6 drops of essential oil into 1 liter of hot or cold water depending on the case.


Place 3 to 5 drops of essential oil in a container with warm water, cover your head with a towel and close or protect your eyes with an appropriate mask. Inhale steam for few minutes.

Air spray

Electric sprayers, ceramic with candles or air sprays. For an area of 20 square meters fill with water and add 10 to 20 drops of the same essential oil or up to 3 in total.

Clothing spray – or ironing

In a spray bottle add 3 tablespoons of alcohol (if you have cereal better) or vodka, to dilute and add up to 120 drops of the desired essential oils and fill with water, shake very well before using .


A simple and efficient way is to pour up to 5 drops of the essential oil in the corner of the shower box and inhale during the bath, or

  • Three drops in 1-tablespoon vegetable oil and distribute throughout the body rubbing as self-massage.
  • Just before your final rinse from the bath, in a container pour up to 5 drops of essential oil that does not irritate the skin, complete with shower water and rub in the entire body.

Foot scrubs and soaks

Place 6 drops of the essential oil in 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil or cereal alcohol. Add 4 liters of hot water in winter and cool water in summer.

Stimulating fragrances

  • Rosemary: Soothes seizures while stimulating the spirit.
  • Cinnamon: With its acidic and spicy aroma, has vitalizing properties and increases energy.
  • Mint: Stimulates, invigorates and refreshes the senses.
  • Carnation: Intense aroma oil, aphrodisiac and circulation activator.
  • Ginger: Exciting and fortifying properties.
  • Orange: Helps refresh ideas and promote good spirit.
  • Chocolate: Energetic, promotes well-being.

Relaxing Fragrances

  • Chamomile: Soothes the soul and promotes relaxation.
  • Lemongrass: Has disinfectant properties. It helps to purify the mind, creating a romantic atmosphere.
  • Rose: Essence of rose fragrance helps purifying the mind and creates romantic atmosphere.
  • Sandalwood: Indian sandalwood relaxes and comforts the soul.
  • Cedar: Soothing and comforting properties.
  • Lavender: Natural lavender oil soothes and relaxes.
  • Patchouli: Patchouli’s soothing oil is always sought after to relax the mind.
  • Verbena: Has a relaxing, invigorating and revitalizing effect on the emotions.

Refreshing fragrances

  • Sweet pepper: Detoxifying, associated with bath.
  • Seaweed: Feeling of cleanliness also associated with bathing.
  • Eucalyptus: Cleaning, also decongestant and expectorant, tobacco smell inhibitor.
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