Best Fringe and Bang Hairstyles for summer 2019

Shaggy hair with bangs have officially been beckoned the look of summer 2019.

Changing hairstyles with the constantly varying seasons is a fun way to keep your look fresh and modern. If you are looking for a new summer style that looks good on all face shapes and is low maintenance, then the shaggy hair with bangs is for you.

Yes, we know that bangs normally require a whole a lot of upkeep with regular trims and extra styling. But shaggy bangs are way lower maintenance than the conventional bang. Plus, it looks great on all hair textures and is extremely versatile and screams summer!

Need a little inspiration to find the ideal fringe for your face shape? Then check out our favorite celebrities’ bangs and get ready to book an appointment at the hair salon to update your look!

Kendall Jenner

Jenner reached out to her followers on Instagram to help her decide whether she should keep or ditch her new feathery fringe. Her post came along with the caption “yes, no maybe so?” We say yes! The shaggy bangs gave her a youthful free-spirited attitude that we love.

Elizabeth Olsen

The loveable actress debuted her new thicker eyebrows by sporting a choppy fringe. Her new bangs gave her shiny blonde hair a total update. This is one look that we will be saving to our Pinterest boards.

elizabeth olsen


The singer, Ciara completely proved to the world that it is possible to have bangs with curly hair. Her undone tousled curls and bangs are so 1978 and we are in love. Her new wispy fringe might be her best look ever!


Emma Watson

Emma has always sported a classic girly fringe but for this summer, she decided to shake things up a bit with a super short choppy micro bang. Plus the darker brown color looks amazing with her skin tone.


Lupita Nyong

Our favorite doctor from the hit TV show: “The Resident” showed that this year’s most popular style works with all hair types, even tight curls. Her micro bangs break any stigmas that only straight hair gals can rock bangs.


Ariana Grande

The American singer and songwriter showed us how to get shaggy bangs without the commitment. If you are a little wary about getting a permanent change and hating them in the morning, try wearing clip-on bangs.

Laura Harrier

The recent Spiderman actress rocks a shorter bang. The key to having and sport shorter bangs without them looking greasy or weighed down, is to add a tiny bit of dry shampoo to your bangs before stepping out.

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Halle Berry

Wispy bangs perfectly frame your face, making your face slimmer, younger and feminine. Longer, shaggy bangs are ideal if you want to try out the fringe trend but without making a long turn commitment but with maximum impact.


Vanessa Hudgens

We have seen Hudgens sport endless hairstyles but this tousled bob with a blunt fringe, just might be her best look yet. How cute are those bangs? We are totally feeling her relaxed vibe.


Kerry Washington

We love how her messy fringe and shoulder-length bob looks perfectly groomed and styled. The fashionable Kerry Washington shows us how to stay in style this summer.

Kerry Washington

Jessica Biel

Our absolute favorite shaggy style for this summer as it embodies a fun, modern look to the traditional sleek hairstyles. Keep your fringe sweat and grease free with a quick spritz of dry shampoo.


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