Truly Motivational Celebrity Weight Loss Stories

Celebrities face the same difficulties as we do with that stubborn excess weight. It seems the more weight we gain, the less motivated we feel about losing it.

Here are some celebrities that understand the challenge to lose weight and how hard it is to actually keep it off. Some of them slimmed down to get famous, others for health reasons or just to get the public eye to stop body shaming them on social media.

Read out these four motivational women that struggled with their weight and have finally won the battle of the bulge.

Jillian Michaels

Jillian is probably one the most recognized fitness trainers in the world, due to her drill-sergeant techniques used on NBC’s The Biggest Loser. But growing up, she was often called the “fat kid” and constantly being bullied from her peers for how she looked. When she reached 180 pounds, her self-esteem had completely vanished.

Things began to improve when she signed up for a martial arts class to learn how to stand up to fat-shaming bullies. She states that she just didn’t learn how to exercise but teaching her that respect comes from within. If you don’t respect yourself then don’t expect anybody else to either.

Weight loss secret: Try an 80/20 rule by eating 80% healthy foods and 20% foods that you love without passing your caloric intake each day.

Tanya Rybakova

Tanya Rybakova Celebrity Weight Loss Storie

Instagram: @tanya_rybakova

Russian supermodel and IT lifestyle blogger whose weight had sky rocketed to almost 300 pounds. After years of constant bullying and self-isolation, Tanya decided to take control of her life when she was in her early twenties.

She wowed her family, tormentors and all of Russia when she went from being dangerously obese to one of the world’s top supermodels. It took her more than 3 and half years to lose more than 170 pounds. She blames her weight on following a bad diet growing up.

Weight loss secret: Stop jumping from one fad diet to another, all you are doing is ruining your metabolism. Re-teach yourself what healthy foods are and stop eating foods that are not.

Kelly Clarkson

American’s sweetheart, superstar, vocalist, American Idol alum and mother had her struggles with her weight. But after giving birth to two beautiful children the battle even got harder. She just lost more than 40 pounds, with almost no exercising.

Kelly has been a victim to being cruelly trolled and shamed about her weight on social media. She says her recent weight loss was achieved by changing what she used to consider being healthy. She didn’t have time to slog away in the gym.

Weight loss secret: Learn to cook with foods that are non-GMO and pesticides that build up in your body and can cause a hormonal imbalance.

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore Weight Loss Storie

Instagram: @drewbarrymore

We watched Drew grow up on television, also watched how those unwanted pounds slowly but surely crept on. It seemed the more drama surrounding her personal life the faster she gained weight. Drew will always be the actress that reminds us of the girl next door with the cheerful, quirky personality.

She lost more than 40 pounds recently by incorporating more healthy wholesome proteins into her diet (not bacon) and cut out foods that she loved such as pizza. Drew feels that loosing those extra pounds has left her feeling empowered and confidant.

Weight loss secret: The only way to lose weight is by being disciplined, which means no late night snacks. Make sure to have a game plan when going out to eat with friends at night.

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