Detox Diet: Pros and Cons

A detox diet is a detoxifying diet that promises to rid the body of toxins such as polluted air, junk food, alcohol or tobacco. There are many different types of detox diets, ranging from the strictest, which only allow you to drink juices, to the mildest that eliminate processed products, fat or sugar. Although some plans last up to 100 days, the five-day juice detox diet is the most popular.

The green juice made up of spinach and other fruits to choose from is the maximum exponent of these purifying plans of the 21st century. But detox diets are not new, but in recent years they have become fashionable thanks to celebrities. In the 1970s it was also the Hollywood stars who popularized the grapefruit diet, which promised to lose up to 23 kilos in just over two months. Curiously enough, that diet coincided with a grapefruit surplus.

detox diet pros and cons

Points in Favor of a Detox Diet

Fans of the detox diets claim that these detox cures are perfect for filling you with energy. In addition, they promise to fill you with energy, soothe your skin and improve digestion.

These plans are based on the fact that our cleansing organs (liver, kidneys and lungs) are gradually being weakened by junk food and excess toxins and therefore need extra help to perform their function.

Arguments Against a Detox Diet

The detractors of these diets claim that our body is exposed to different toxins, but their level is not worrying and our body is able to eliminate them naturally.

They also highlight the side effects that some of the more restrictive diets can cause, such as headache, fatigue, diarrhea or constipation. It is said in bad language that Gwyneth Paltrow, a staunch defender of natural food and a clean diet, suffered hallucinations after a detox diet.

My Opinion

I have not tried any detox diet as I am instinctively wary of any diet that promises to lose weight quickly and easily. The famous green juices may be healthy, but I don’t believe the miraculous properties they attribute to them. And I don’t see how healthy it is to drink only liquids for several days either.

A few days of the detox diet can’t help months or even years of eating poorly, smoking like a roadblock, or drinking heavily. I think the best way to really detoxify is to stop bad habits and incorporate healthy routines that occasionally allow you to eat a slice of pizza, a hamburger or fries without fasting for the next three days.

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