Do Women Who Sleep More Than 7 Hours Have Better Sex?

“I don’t know what happened to you, but I hope it lasts…” This is what my boyfriend told me when, after my last vacation, we had the best sex in our relationship. And the reason, no matter how cliché you read it, was that by sleeping more my sexual desire increased.

What’s the explanation? Apparently, according to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, each extra hour of sleep equals increased sexual desire, more vaginal lubrication and 14% more chance of being aroused the next day.

How many hours of sleep for better sex?

Not six or eight, if you’re looking for a good orgasm, then get at least seven hours sleep, and if you can’t get to sleep, have sex!

Ironic as it may sound, and a little “shocking,” the habit of getting intimate with your partner every night before bedtime can make our sleep more restful.

After climax, the bodies release large amounts of oxytocin (the hormone of affection), which reduces cortisol (stress) levels, resulting in deep relaxation,” says Lawrence Siegel, a sexologist at the Sage Family Development Institute.

Sooo… Sleeping well doesn’t just benefit us, it decreases the possibility of erectile dysfunction in men, which is good for the relationship’s self-esteem!

Now I wish you a sweet and pleasant dream!

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