8 fit women to follow on Instagram

Every year we come up with great resolutions. For 2019, we are sure, there were huge changes in your mind; however, this time we are here to help. Let us suggest a list of 10 fit women we believe you should follow on your Instagram in 2018.

We have selected the most influential and stimulating role models to aid anyone on the hard track of physical work. Our wish is to praise your efforts, offering a target mark to achieve wonderful results.

1- Amanda Bisk

Amanda is Australian and as such, she is a real “fair dinkum decent aussie Sheila” – this is considered the highest form of compliment in Australian colloquial English. She has repeatedly mentioned that in her opinion, fitness should not be felt as a punishing method or abrupt changes in physical activities.

She is a great promoter of small steps approach. No need to hurry into anything, but constant and steady dedication, according to Amanda. Find easy to follow programs on her site and you should be able to achieve same results. She also says that 20 minutes a day on her program can do wonders in your life.

2- Paige Sandgren

Paige is a humble fitness champion. She has attributed her success to hard work, less talk and good dieting. Before any competition, she would prepare her mind and adjust her diet around protein consumption and well balanced routine of exercises. She is a strong believer that women exercising should eat enough food and not starve to dead in order to achieve results.

She works heavily during 50 hours every week, however, her diet plays an important part on her metabolism and muscle grow. She gets enough protein and do not restrict herself to radical diets. Normal level of carbohydrate is her preferred choice to leave muscles leaner.

3- Emily Skye

Emily is a fresh Australian mum who is experiencing now the pleasure of mothering a baby girl after so many years dedicating to fitness. She has become a reference for health and fitness, and now is determined to be an inspiration to many women on how to regain their former body after giving birth. Not an easy task!

She went through a difficulty pregnancy but was able to still maintain a lower level training. Despite some comments that she would be able to get back in shape in no time at all, this has not been her case. She struggled for some time until could get the old body back. It was like a roller-coaster ride, she said. But now, I am back! Her story should be an inspiration to us all!

4- Lita Lewis

If you want to get rid of depression, you must follow Lita on Instagram to discover new ways to overcome depression and go further into success, She has become a global fitness role model after fighting a normally lost battle. Others would have given up where she stood firm and conquered the top.

Lita is a strong believer that in order to be physically fit you must first learn to control your mind to a new lifestyle. She can help women tap into their most sacred and beautiful space in their minds and incorporate these changes on daily life. Happiness, fitness and health are her priorities. She mentioned recently that she considers an honor having so many followers on Instagram.

5- Massy Arias

There is no more inspiring story than the one lived by Massy Arias. Her life was always very hard with so many challenges. Coming from a very poor background, she had to learn English, overcome depression and work hard to stay away from trouble.

She has endured hardship, unhappiness and suicidal tendencies to stand where she is right now: a brilliant self-confident health and fitness champion. This is an inspiration to many people going through difficulties. There is hope and you can achieve wonders, she says. All you need is the first step. Massy has reached and motivated 2.5 million followers on her Instagram.

6- Kimberly Althauser

Kimberley is a fitness specialist living in Austin, Texas. She and her boyfriend are living out their dream of providing people with an alternative for chronical pain. Kimberley and her partner are the proud owner of a health and fitness center committed to make people achieve a pain free lifestyle through proper stretching and mind care.
They have created a challenging method to work out and get results. Ranging from personal training through to the most innovative pain free approach to relief tension. They apply stretch therapy to stretch your lifespan!

7- Rachel Brathen

Rachel has not achieved 2.1 million Instagram followers without a proven ability to teach yoga and deliver remarkable speeches, as well as her many books. She has combined her bright personality into a program where gratitude occupies a larger portion of the results. She is called the yoga girl and shares openly her achievements with praising comments from people all over the world.

Rachel talks about things of the heart, mind and feelings. She practices yoga for fitness and health. Dieting is also a great part of the intense well-being you can acquire from her program. When you follow Rachel on Instagram, you are exposed to a new way of dealing with life in general.

8- Kayla Itsines

Kayla is an Australian entrepreneur and fitness who applied the latest technology to create apps and e-books on fitness and health. Her success is expressed by the 9.1 million followers on her Instagram. She has also been awarded the title of one of the 30 most influential people on the Internet.

If those alone are not reasons enough to follow her on Instagram, add her expertise on revolutionary new approaches to greater fitness and you have a perfect role model. She promises to change your life in only 12 weeks! Check it out on Instagram.

There you have it! Our list of the 10 most interesting women you should follow on Instagram for health and fitness motivation and inspiration. As you could see, you are not alone. We are here to help!

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