Hosiery Offers More Than Fashion – Health Benefits from Wearing Pantyhose

Hosiery has been seeking back into our lingerie drawers and hearts but after reading this article you will be a complete fan of pantyhose. Most of us wear stockings for evening out our skin tone, creating a more streamlined look and hiding from the world that we didn’t shave our legs.

But did you know that pantyhose provide quite a few of health benefits such as preventing varicose veins, swelling and leg fatigue, prevent chafing and your skin from drying out, some nylons are actually made with vitamin E.

If you don’t wear pantyhose often, you should seriously consider wearing them for the following health benefits. Look for styles that provide anything from light to medium compression to ensure your leg’s wellness. After all you only have one pair of legs, so take care of them and they will last you a lifetime.

fashion hosiery.

Varicose veins

Varicose veins develop for a number of different reasons such as pregnancy or genetics. Giving your legs a little extra support easily prevents spider veins and varicose veins, choose hosiery plus size that provides light to medium compression.


No matter our size, we have all experienced chafing. It often occurs while wearing a shirt or dress in warmer weather and if we are not careful, we will end walking around like we were riding a horse all day. Nylons prevent your legs from accumulating moisture and rubbing against each other causing a rash or an open sore.


If you have to stand on your feet and sit immobile for long hours, your blood circulation can become stagnated, causing your leg to swell from excess fluid retention, often called edema. The slight compression from stockings keeps your blood circulating preventing leg swelling.

Blood clots

Prolonged immobility can cause blood clots (deep vein thrombosis). The light compression from women’s hosiery keeps your legs and blood flow stimulated.

Leg fatigue

After a long day supporting our body, they can become tired and worn out. Leg fatigue is caused because of the excess blood that has been pulled down thanks to gravity, making your legs feel heavier. Pantyhose increases blood circulation, which gets your heart functioning better, in other words, hosiery, helps us fight the effects of gravity.


Even though pantyhose are made from super thin, sheer fabric, it acts as barrier between the cold air and trapping the warmth in. They can help us maintain a healthy body temperature even while bearing the colder winter months. Just the fact that they cling your body makes them more effective at preventing heat loss than a pair of pants.

Prevents your skin from drying out

Since fashion hosiery sits so closely to your skin, it acts as barrier in trapping your skin’s natural oils and moisture from evaporating or drying out. One company called, Shapermint has actually designed a pair of pantyhose made with fibers that were infused with Vitamin E to help heel your legs while wearing them.

It is recommended to avoid going commando in your thigh high stockings unless there are built-in panties. During summer months or humid climates, sweat can become trapped in your hosiery causing a yeast infection or bad odors.

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