The return of hosiery – How and when to wear tights

Princess Kate, in her last seven years as a royal, has risen to be a fashion icon. She has made her signature looks, a must-have for our wardrobes this year. We love her brightly colored coats that are belted tightly at the waist, striped shirts and wrap dress.

One fashion item that she claims ties her look together is her nude hosiery – or pantyhose, as your mother used to call them. She has worn her nude tights faithfully throughout the last seven years of her marriage.

Kate has done the impossible with tights, from taking them from a fashion ‘don’t do’, and transforming them into one of this year’s secret to looking chic in every outfit. Nobody can deny that Princess Kate looks flawless in everything she wears. Let’s see how you make Kate’s signature fashion accessory yours?

Why you need to start wearing hosiery

Let’s begin by talking about color: there are tons of fashionable, colored hosiery available from nude to black, including a wide array of styles and designs.

For years, black tights have been the only fashion acceptable tight to wear and nude tights were considered to be dated and dowdy. But let’s be realistic girls, blacks tights only look good if you are wearing a black outfit. Let me stop you before you say, black does not look good with everything such as navy!

Nude tights allow you to embrace spring and the colder months, while looking as if you have bare legs. Nude tights have taken great strides in the past 20 years from the genetic tan color that looked like a tacky spray-on tan. You can actually find the ideal color for your skin tone or a silvery sheer tone.


Once you find a pair that matches your skin tone, prepare yourself to feel the power of women’s hosiery, blending perfectly with your skin, evening out any blemishes or imperfections and protecting your legs from the color-changes caused from temperature changes.

The best part about wearing nude tights is that you can pull out that adorable navy skirt or wrap dress that often doesn’t have the chance to see the light of day until the warmer summer months.

Princess Kate really knows her stuff; your legs won’t be cold and giving you an endless list of options to wear during the colder months. Believe me, that little barrier of fabric between your bare legs and the cold really does help!

Princess Kate is showing the world the secret to looking great on and off the camera, which never means baring your bare legs. Get smooth; sleek legs by wearing flesh colored thigh high stockings that make your legs look flawless.
Rules about wearing tights

  • Flesh colored tights
    Look for a brand that makes tights that matches your skin tone, it should look like a second skin and not a plastic mannequin’s legs. Never wear them in summer unless the temperature drops.
  • Friend not foe
    Many ladies’ hosiery comes with a tummy control top, providing maximum control to smooth out any lumps and bumps. If you are wearing a black tight, opt for one with a slight sheen for additional slimming power.
  • Play with your footwear
    Experiment with your footwear, by adopting this year’s leisure look by wearing a pair of trainers with nylons, without your socks of course. Switch up your look with pumps, heels, ankle boots or boots.
  • Beware of black tights
    Keep your legs neutral by avoiding black tights with zigzags, stripes or glittery pop prints. Match your legs to the tone of your outfit, by opting for a more muted color.
  • Keep your legs warm
    Before, hosiery was only worn from October 1 till April 1, but with the climate changes, you can pretty much wear tights year round now!
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