How To Burn Abdominal Fat and Flatten the Belly

flatten the belly dietToday we are going to learn how we can burn abdominal fat and flatten the belly once and for all. Interesting, isn’t it? Of course it is, things like this interest everyone, especially mothers after pregnancy. Well, their bellies don’t usually look exactly the way they remember it.

To begin with, it is essential that we do a series of simple exercises to stimulate the stomach muscles. We’ll use our knees for this, I’ll explain:

Leaning back on the floor, we will raise the knee to touch our chest, all with the awareness that we are contracting our abs. Repeat with the other leg.

Let’s extend this by 30 to 60 seconds and rest. Keep doing it until you get tired.

Now it’s going to be a little more difficult, we’re going to do series of the traditional abs we all know.

Without getting off the ground, we put our hands behind our backs never to push us, but as a support for our neck. We make all the repetitions that are not possible and rest. Keep repeating this until you can’t do it anymore.

It is very important to maintain good breathing while doing the exercises. Breathe in as you make the effort, breathe out when you rest. Both breathing and exercise itself are vital to achieving the desired results.

Well, how did you like this series of small but useful tips? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to measure your results.

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