How to choose the best pants for training


Have you ever taken a gigantic step forward while leaning into your lunge and suddenly heard a loud “RIP”? Or bent over into a downward facing dog and realized that your pants are not made from moisture wicking material and you look like you just wet yourself?

We have all experienced embarrassing moments in poorly made leggings that we’d rather forget. Say goodbye to unwanted tears and rips, see-though fabric and sliding workout pants once and for all. Say Hello to fantastic and confy high wasted leggings.

Here is the low-down on choosing training pants that are specifically designed for you and your workout of choice, so you look your best no matter how hard your are sweating.

Find the Right Style of Leggings for You

The style of women’s leggings you choice will depend entirely upon the type of workout you perform, as each style has a unique fit and benefits.

  • Compression style
    Do you enjoy high cardio activities such as kickboxing? Then you will need a legging that offers compression to give your muscles maximum support they need while working out. Look for styles also are made from a lightweight material, anti-chafing design and with a sweat wicking fabric that will keep you dry.
  • Fitted style
    Do you love wearing your yoga high waisted leggings even when you aren’t working out? Then you will want to look for a fitted style with a high waist because they will prevent you from a whale’s tail when you bend over and will keep their shape while exercising. Look is a tailored style that isn’t too tight or too loose.
  • Relaxed fit
    Do you love wearing ladies leggings while hiking or weight training? Then you will want to look for a more relaxed fit that will give freedom of movement and comfort. Look for pants that are made from breathable, moisture wicking fabrics and for an added bonus a zippered pocket where you put your keys or cell phone, etc. with you all the time.

Does it really matter what type of leggings you use?

We are surprised how often we hear this question. Yes, it does matter! Wearing the wrong leggings for women can be like wearing high heels to aerobic class, as it can makes everything extremely uncomfortable and awkward (plus you look ridiculous).

Black leggings or even printed styles come in a wide variety of styles today but if you want a pair that will stay in place while working out then you need to choose the correct fit.

Thankfully, training pants have evolved in the last few years but eliminating waistbands that rolled over and buckled. Now they stay in place no matter what position you got yourself into. Plus they keep their shape and color wash after wash.

Stop wearing those old ratted old leggings and slip into a new pair of leggings that will give you the confidence to start enjoying your workouts even more.

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