How to follow the cabbage soup diet to lose weight

Many of us who are overweight are attracted by the idea of losing those extra pounds by following the easy, quick, efficient and safe cabbage soup diet. This cabbage or collard greens soup has been proven to help people lose around 8 – 10 pounds a week. But there are some considerations and concerns about this soup diet.

Here are some recommendations to take into account when following this cabbage soup diet:

The cabbage soup diet is a new easy way for losing weight

Is it safe? At this point in the article, I have to say that this diet is NOT safe as the cabbage soup diets can increase other medical issues due to the lack of nutritional value.

Does it really help you lose weight quickly? Yes, it is a weight loss diet that helps you to drop those unwanted pounds quickly. But as we are always recommending the best diet is one that is based on a change of eating habits, as this helps you to lose your weight at a more reasonable and healthy rate.

But if you are still interested in following the cabbage soup diet, then just follow the instructions below:

The very name of this diet suggests the main ingredient to be used, cabbage. This diet requires you to consume cabbage soup for an entire week. As we previously mentioned, it can help you lose 8 – 10 pounds in one week, which is quite a difference between healthy diets that don’t recommend losing more than 4 – 5 pounds per week, which doesn’t sound as attractive.

However, the cabbage soup diet should only be followed for a maximum of 7 days as it can cause health issues, but it needs to be followed exactly 7 days. If the diet is stopped before the end of the seven days, you will not see the results desired and if you prolong the seven days, it can cause health problems.

Cabbage soup is high in fiber; it should be consumed with other types of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, as the nutritional value of the soup alone is insufficient to meet your daily nutritional requirements. For this reason, it is not recommended to follow this diet for more than 7 days because those who follow this diet can become malnourished.

The cabbage soup diet: How to follow it correctly

– Take your vitamins and supplements during your period of the diet.
– Drink at least 4 glasses of water a day.
– Eat your cabbage soup anytime you feel hungry throughout the day.
– As it is low in calories, high in fiber and considered to be a vegetable soup it is considered to be safe and healthy to consume.
– For this diet, program an entire week to follow it. If you are interested in following the diet again, wait a while after finishing until your body has recuperated the lost vitamins and is well nourished again before restarting the diet again.

Example of how to plan your week’s diet menu:

Day one: You are able to have as much cabbage soup and fruits as you wish, except bananas. You can drink black coffee, water, blueberry juice or tea, with no added sugar.
Day two: You can consume as much cabbage soup as desired. You are allowed one plain baked potato and some steamed vegetables, except corn and peas.
Day three: You can consume as much cabbage soup as desired with a mix vegetables and fruits. From this day forward, you can eat as many fruits and vegetables as you wish.
Day four: You can consume as much cabbage soup as desired, plus skimmed milk and 8 bananas.
Day five: You can consume as much cabbage soup as desired, plus 6 tomatoes, a piece of fish, chicken or beef (no more than 500gr).
Day six: You can consume as much cabbage soup and vegetables as desired and a small steak.
Day seven: You can consume as much cabbage soup, vegetables as desired plus 2 cups of cooked brown rice and common fruit juices.

Review: The cabbage soup diet is a new easy way for losing weight. Individuals interested in following this exciting new diet can look for the recipe, here, the following week.

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