How to make perfume last longer

Purchasing a new fragrance is very exciting, especially if it has been on your wish list longer than you’d like to admit. Finally, you splurge on the perfume of your choice, anxious to hear complements from those around you about how wonderful it’s aroma is.

The next morning before heading out to work, you spritz yourself generously with the new fragrance and an hour later, only to discover that the scent has completely evaporated into thin air. Does this sound familiar?

Do you find that your fragrance disappears quickly after being applied? Here is everything you need to know about how to make your perfume last all day long, without the need of being reapplied again and again. Keep on reading to discover how you can enhance the power of your favourite fragrance.

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1. Spritz your hairbrush

Your perfume contains alcohol that can dry your hair out if applied directly, instead spritz a little bit onto your hairbrush before brushing your hair. If you prefer applying a fragrance directly to your hair, look for varieties that have been designed specifically for your hair.

2. Use petroleum jelly

A scent-free petroleum jelly will provide the ideal surface to hold your scent for longer periods. Apply a small amount of ointment to wherever you are planning on applying your fragrance such as your wrists, neck, behind your knees, ankles and calves.

3. Store it correctly

Perfume is very delicate and can easily begin to breakdown when exposed to humidity or damp environments such as your bathroom. Always store your perfume in your bedroom, away from direct sunlight.

4. Always moisturize

Apply a scent-free lotion before you spritz on your fragrance of the day. Dry skin tends to lose the scent faster than oily skin. Apply a little extra moisturizer will help your scent last longer.

5. Give it time

The secret is applying your scent immediately after your shower after you have finished drying yourself, the damp skin will absorb the scent, locking it in. But if you don’t give it a few minutes for the scent to dry, it can easily be rubbed off while you are dressing.

6. Good till the last drop

Most of us throw away those last few drops of perfume in the bottle, but there is no need to waste that precious scent. Take the lid off and mix it into a hand or body lotion, making your scent last longer.

7. Understand perfume terminology

Scents labelled as a body spray, eau de cologne or eau de toilette often have the lowest concentration of the fragrance oils and tend to wear off more quickly. But products that are called Eau de parfum or Extrait de parfum have a much stronger scent and last for the longest time period.

8. Stop shaking your perfume

This is one of the biggest mistakes people make before applying their scent, thinking it will mix the fragrance up. Perfume needs to be kept still, shaking your perfume bottle will only let air into the bottle, reduces it’s lifespan.

9. Bring it with you

Many perfumes sell the travel size version that you can easily throw into your purse or clutch, so you can reapply your scent later on in the day for a little touch-up.

10. Avoid contact with light

Have you every wondered why many people store their perfume in the original box? Sunlight breaks down the scent molecules, casing the scent to lose its power long before its expiry date.

11. No friction

Stop rubbing your wrists together after applying your perfume, as the friction causes the scent to come into contact with air faster, making it evaporate into thin air.

12. Add to your pulse points

Fragrances are designed to radiant more scent when slightly warmed up, so apply to your neck, wrists and oddly, behind your knees.

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