How to make your first date more memorable and fun

Normally, a fun and memorable first date makes for a second date. But, sadly, first dates are more like a business meeting or a formal meet and greet. More stress is on getting to know each other than actually having fun and observing the other person when they are relaxed.

Dating should be FUN! The only ways to see if there is a spark of attraction is by having fun together and start creating memories together from that first date. Plus, if you guys hit it off, you will have a lifetime to exchanges stories of past, etc. together.

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This information on making your first dates more fun is worth more than the price of gold. You will never go back to the old-fashioned lame way of getting to know each other in a formal setting such as a dinner, a movie or a dinner and a movie.

If you want to stay single for the rest of your life, just keep taking your dates to a movie and dinner, guaranteed sure way to fail.

Even if things don’t work out with your date, you can have the gratification knowing that you gave them a memorable evening or day that was genuinely fun.

Your first date is about the conversation

The first date should be conducive for conversation, which means movies are out of the question. There literally is no way to talk during a movie, plus it is uncomfortable.

Dinner at a restaurant can turn into a disaster because some people can be quite self-conscious about their eating habits, maybe they have a tendency to shovel grub into their mouths without closing their mouths (yes, guys we are referring to you). And some ladies just don’t feel comfortable eating in front of strangers and spend the whole evening worried about getting food in their teeth.

Instead, look for opportunities that will allow you to interact and converse freely without making either of you uncomfortable.

Put their interests above yours

Just the fact they you have asked the girl out on a date means that you know some things about her such as does she like playing tennis, hiking, horse back riding or even bowling.

You can ask her friends, if you have friends in common that is. Find out what her interests are, by following her on Instagram or Facebook, just be careful not to make her feel like you are stalking her. The key is being subtle not creepy.

Later on in the relationship, you will both learn what each other’s interests are and compromise to make each other happy.

Be unique

Unique and novel dates will be a great conversation starter, but they will generate excitement and emotions that will help the two of you to bond more quickly.

Here are some examples of unique settings for a first date: a cooking or pottery class, kayaking, mini golf or picnic at the park and play some Frisbee or go check out an interesting art exhibit.

Guys, are you seeing the idea here? Just get away from the formal settings and do something fun and original. Stop the passive dates and start being an active date.

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