How to makeover your outfit with shapewear

Spring has sprung and summer is quickly approaching. It is time to ditch your winter layers and step into something a little more revealing. It’s time to pull out your favourite skirts, blouses and dresses. But are you lacking the confidence to step out from your layers?

Shapewear provides simple solutions to help you shed your winter clothes with confidence. Who of us doesn’t have dilemmas with certain parts of our bodies? Such as, that muffin top, side-spillage or that back bulge.

We are here to help you get ready to put the spring back into spring, by springing into all of the fun and fashionable outfits that come along with it. Here is a list of must have shapewear pieces that you need to help you feel confident and confident in your warm weather clothes.

We also leave you with some tips from that you can see in the following video:


Squash that muffin top

muffin top

All of us can understand this body dilemma – the muffin top. Instantly transforming your favourite skinny jeans and skirt into one of your most dreaded outfits in your closet.

The shapewear solution is slipping into a pair of high-waisted boy shorts or briefs. Check out in for $11.50

All white

brief white

This year’s biggest style is an all-white outfit, may it be white pants with a white blouse or a stark white dress. Sounds terrifying, as there is nothing to conceal your rolls behind.

The shapewear solution is a pair of knockout panties that provide all over smoothing and light compression with cotton liner and tummy control panel. Check out for $24.00

Battle of the back bulge and side-spillage

shaping bodysuit

Avoiding your cute summery dresses, because of fear of the back bulge or that side-spillage that pops out from under your bra? All of us have that little fat spillage from under our bra.

The shapewear solution is a bodysuit that you wear with your own bra, ending this battle once and for all. Check out in for $56.00

Perk up your booty


Feeling a little flat in your rear? Feeling confident and sexy in your jeans is as easy as one, two, three, with the a little push-up shapewear. The shapewear solution is a high-waisted shaper short that will perk up your booty. Check out in for $32.00

Hook-me up


Sometimes we need to feel extra secure, knowing that our shapewear is going to stay exactly where we want it and not rolling down and bunching up, causing a bulge that doesn’t belong there.

The shapewear solution is a hook-me up bodysuit that provides the coverage to smooth away any lumps and bumps but stays put by clasping on to your bra. for $29.99.

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