How to Save Money While Traveling

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Budget traveling can be hard especially of you are a solo traveler, but even harder if you are traveling as a couple. Every penny counts to get the most out of your vacations abroad without breaking the bank.

However there are several proven money saving techniques that take the stress off of your pocket book and can make traveling overseas more affordable.

Keep reading for foolproof money saving hacks that will make your next trip one for the memory books.

1. Travel off-season

It doesn’t come as a surprise that certain seasons are the worst time to travel to a country, such as summer in Europe or winter in the Caribbean. Why? Prices for hotels are hiked, museums have the longest lines and irritating tourists will be testing your patience.

Typically, you should expect to see a price hike during summer months in any country and during the Christmas and New Years season. So avoid traveling those periods.

2. Choose your airfare carefully

Your airfare will take a big chunk of your budget, so you need to look for the cheaper flight to cut some corners. Travel experts recommend purchasing your tickets around 50 to 100 days before you trip. Plus, you can reduce costs by selecting flights that depart on a Thursday and return on a Monday.

Another bonus is that many airline companies offer discounted airfares for flights during September, April and May.

3. Understand the currency

Currency exchange rates can be confusing especially if you are traveling through South America or Asia. Take time to investigate the currency rates in the countries you will be traveling through. Often most tourists are taken advantage of while traveling by greedy retailers because of not being able to understand the exchange rates.

4. Be a thrifty diner

If you are not careful you can quickly get caught up in the allure of trying eating out at more upscale restaurants. Unless you are a foodie and the sole purpose of your trip is eating out, you need to steer clear of food chains and opt for street vendors or family run local cuisine.

Plus you can pick up some basics at a local market and supermarket to eat for even less. Plan ahead and make sandwiches to eat at a local park, while you people watch.

5. Don’t be afraid of local transportation

If you are a in a metropolitan area, you might not need to rent a car. Walking is the cheapest way to see the city and drink in the ambience. Most cities have online maps and schedules of the bus and subways. Often you can buy a day pass or 10 tickets for the price of 8. You can also purchase tickets online to avoid the hassle of trying to communicate in a foreign language.

6. Get off the tourist track

Often the main hotspots are priced for foreigners and the food has been adjusted to their palate, so you are not really experiencing the real local cuisine. Uncover the awe-inspiring people, food and sights by venturing to not-so-known areas.

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