Kylie Jenner – Can we consider her to be a role model?

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is known for dancing to her own tune. Even though she is the youngest of the Kardashian clan, she is the richest, owning an empire whose net worth is equal to 400 million dollars. What does this twenty-year old owe her success to?

We watched Kylie and her sister, Kendall grow-up on the reality show: Keeping up with the Kardashians. Over the last ten years, we have seen them develop two very unique personalities, Kendall is a supermodel and globetrotter, meanwhile Kylie has built a cosmetic empire worth hundreds of millions and also is a social media star.

Kylie documents her every move on social media. Growing up in the public eye, she learned to document her every move and decisions for her fans to follow, expect one – her recent pregnancy. Showing the world that there is more to this young 20-yr old than meets the eye.

When she discovered that she was pregnant, she almost completely withdrew from the public eye. Like many twenty-year olds, she is still defining who she is and who she wants to be; just she has to do it in the public eye.

As a new mother, she decided to keep her pregnancy secret for almost the entire 9-months because she wanted to enjoy this special time with people she loves and cares about. Seems quite reasonable. Even though she has been severely criticized for this choice.

Especially, considering that her mother, Kris Jenner, signed the entire family up for a reality show when she was only nine years old. She deserved a little privacy during this special time. This move shows that her main priority is being a good mother.

After giving birth to her daughter, Stormi, she apologized to her fans, for keeping them in the dark throughout her pregnancy, and especially since they are used to watching her every move. But she chose to keep her pregnancy out of the limelight.

She said she needed this time to prepare for her new role as a mother and that she wanted to embrace it in a stress-free environment. This new life of privacy was a huge risk that could have lost Kylie her fans, but it has gained their respect and admiration, showing the world that Kylie just might be the most levelheaded of her family.

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i had to go all out for my baby. #StormiWorld

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As an entrepreneur, she has shown that she has business smarts. In less than 19-months she has turned her tiny lipstick company into a multi-million dollar cosmetic brand, bring in more than $420 million dollars in sales. Her company, Kylie Cosmetics is expected to hit the billion-dollar mark by 2020.

Compared to Estee Lauder, considered to be to the fastest growing cosmetic company, which needed more than one decade to reach the $500 million-dollar mark. L’Oreal took more than 80 years to reach what Kylie has achieved in less than 18 months.

Things are shaping up, as Kylie has bought her mother aboard by creating a new Mother Day’s collection inspired by Kris Jenner. The Kris Jenner Collection is already causing waves, as it appeals to all age groups.

As a woman, Kylie is passionate about everything she embarks on. She tries to listen to what her followers are telling her on social media, so she can provide them with products that they really want and need.

She plans for the future, adjusting to life’s unexpected changes such as being a new mother. We can be sure she will be even more successful as a role model and as a mother than as an entrepreneur.

Her mother Kris Jenner said the following about her daughter- that her daughter works diligently and measures success not by how much money a person as, but how they really feel, that she also believes that by really loving whatever you do, and then you will give it your best. Sounds like a philosophy that all young women should stand by.

Getting in shape after giving birth, she admits that she hasn’t has time to start losing weight. She is so busy enjoying being a new mommy and creating her cosmetic line that she hasn’t had time to concentrate on losing weight. She admits that she wants to but she loves her body – throughout all of the pregnancy stages.

Most of us would agree that the Kardashian Clan don’t stand out as good role models but Kylie is dancing to a different tune, showing us that she is different.

We all have to admit that it would have been hard to grow up like a “goldfish in a bowl”, with the world watching and criticizing your every move. But, Kylie has made the best of her situation and is enjoying her life. Good for her!

We can use her as an example of a role model and follow some of the positive thinking she has used to overcome her challenges and to make her life happy for her. Look for the good behind the scenes and learn to put your priorities into loving our family first and to enjoy and love your life.

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