Mommy blogger gets stuck in her Spanks!

Laura from Hampshire shared her struggle with trying to fit into a pair of spanks (control pants). If you’ve ever tired to squeeze your way into a shapewear then you this ironic real-life video will strike a cord with you.


She loves her rolls, that is bread and just about any food that is carbohydrate based but it fed up the hatful looks from other mommies, who presumably assume that she is pregnant (not pregnant). Who of hasn’t been there, that awkward uncomfortable moment when someone asks us if we are pregnant? Don’t you just want to tell them a thing or too? Laura summed it up pretty good by calling her belly a “food baby”. Come when did it come a sin to enjoy life and food too!

Laura, blogging name is Knee Deep in Life said on the video that she was “mega excited” to have finally received her shapewear that she ordered off of eBay. Her goal was to have a stomach of Jennifer Lopez. I’d be excited too.

Once she took it out of the packaging, she was amazed at how tiny it was, exclaiming: “It’s the size of my thigh!” But jokily she acknowledged that she’d heard that “the smaller the better“.

But after displaying how her spanx for women fit perfectly around her thigh, she started to put in on around her waist and that’s when things went amiss. Her spanks got stuck around her waistline, rolling up like a tight little rubber band right around her midsection. That’s when she begins to cry out in pain, even yelling for her children to come give her a hand.

This comical footage has been viewed more than 5 million times on Facebook. Moms worldwide are sympathising with her ordeal and brutal honesty and others cracking up. Laura finished up her video called spanx for women a cruel invention.

If you haven’t watched this video of a real mom trying to force herself into spanx shapewear, just grab some tissues because you are going to cry laughing your head off.

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