#XLBoss Lady – Jessica Hinkle explains the reality about being plus-size and fashion

Body positivity is changing the way brands market their product to the world. Instead of using toothpick-thin models they are swapping them for “real” women. It has taken decades of fat-liberation activists working overtime to break down the social stigma that every person with a fat body has had to face.

One of the biggest challenges for the plus-size community is access to trendy plus size fashion designs that actually look good on. Clothes have been used for centuries as a way of expressing our personality and individuality, but most mainstream clothing brands have fat phobias and just give them clothes to hide under.

Finally, one fashion diva and designer decided to change the way the plus-size community dresses. Here is a quick overview of a recent interview by Forbes with Jessica Hinkle, owner and designer of the LA based plus-size clothing brand called “Proud Mary Fashion“.

Jessica Hinkle tippy toed around the expression ‘fat’ by replacing it with heavy set or plus size. She admits that she is fat and is proud of her body, it actually has defined her personality, making her who she is today. So why should be embarrassed of who she is and what her body looks like.

In the interview with Forbes, Hinkle admits that since she was a little girl she was obsessed with fashion and would spend hours stretching her own designs. But from an early-age she realized that being fat restricted her from the fashion industry.

Growing up in a working household that was considered poor, she felt her options to get a break in the fashion world were extremely limited. Even when opportunities presented themselves for her to study design apparel classes, she felt the doors shut one after another because of her size.

Growing up in a poor family and being overweight, Hinkle quickly developed a keen eye for shopping for thrift store vintage plus size dresses. Jessica wanted to empower other people of size to embrace their bodies and stop the social stigma surrounding being fat. She opened her own vintage plus size clothing shop.

Eventually, she moved to Los Angeles and started to create her own line of plus size. It took Jessica a huge leap of faith to uproot her life and move to Los Angeles, but she knew that she needed to get herself in the middle of the fashion industry to get started.

Does Hinkle have any regrets? Not at all, she loves the fact she can create original pieces that look amazing on plus-size women. Plus, she is the owner, founder and designer of a trendy plus size fashion shop, the shop she dreamed about when she was just a little girl.

What are Hinkle‚Äôs future aspirations? She wants to help end fat phobia in the workplace. Hinkle believes that social stigmas about being fat are the main reason why we don’t feel confident with our bodies and how we look in clothes. Creating fashionable plus size clothing is only the first step to helping see past their narrow-minded ideas.

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