Properties of Some Fruits that Are Good for Health

orange fruit properties

Properties of oranges

Originating from China, orange consumption spread to India and Asia. Carried to France, the orange spread all over the world, becoming one of the most consumed fruits on the planet. Its shape is globular. The orange has innumerable varieties, among the most popular and appreciated are the orange-lime, orange-pear, and orange-bay.

In medicine, through its flowers and leaves, it acts as one of the most popular antispasmodics. It is considered a powerful fruit, without any counter-indication. Rich in vitamins (A, B, C, and G), mainly vitamin C. The orange is widely used to combat scurvy.

Its sweetened and refreshing juice is a useful remedy against mumps and gingivitis. Diabetics can consume this fruit without problems because it has very low sugar concentration (5%).

Crystallized orange peel is an excellent appetite stimulant.

Orange blossom water “is well known for its spasmodic virtues. The fruit is also indicated for the treatment of arthritis, uric acid, gout, obesity, high blood pressure, weakening of the body and fever, besides being healing.

Grape properties

Cultivated since ancient times, grapes are one of the most appreciated fruits. It occurs in clusters, in a climbing plant called vine. Among its goodness, the vine offers us a fruit that gives an aromatic juice, which when fermented the result are delicious wines.

With many medicinal properties, the grape acts on the liver, kidneys, and intestines, thanks to its water and potassium salts, and pectic substances. It is refreshing, softening, purifying, depurative, diuretic, aperitif, calming, anti-scorbutic, tonic and restorative, in addition to purifying the blood, enriching it with red blood cells. It also regulates circulation in heart ailments and breathing in pulmonary discomfort.

Improves dyspepsia, flatulence, and fermentation in the intestines. The grape has an incredible detoxifying effect. For those who suffer from pressure in the belly, the fruit must be eaten with its shell. Those who suffer from kidney problems, consume juice.

Watermelon Properties

Nothing beats a watermelon on summer days. Refreshing, the watermelon should be consumed fresh and ripe.

When green, it can cause colic and dysentery. As for its medicinal properties, they are very varied: it is slightly laxative and diuretic. It is indicated for rheumatism and renal obstructions. Watermelon washes the stomach and intestinal tract, giving very good results in diseases of the urinary tract.

When used externally, pulp and peel crushed through poultices, or in brush-stroke juices, is excellent in the treatment of erysipelas. Watermelon juice is very effective against fevers.

Crushed seeds soothe pain from wounds and reduce blood pressure.

Properties of avocado

Fruit quite peculiar, the avocado stands out for its flavor and medicinal properties in all the countries where it is consumed. In Argentina, they call it avocado or avocado; in Mexico, ayahuasca; in the United States, avocado; in France, Persée and England, butter-pear.

Avocado provides those who consume it with nutrition for the body and a lot of health. It is excellent for stomach problems, belly pressure, flatulence, stomach abscesses, rheumatism, gout, kidney, liver and skin conditions.

In warm compresses, with tea from its leaves, it relieves a headache. Her flowers are emenagogues. The ground shell fights intestinal worms and the roasted and ground bean acts against diarrhea and dysentery.

In cosmetics, avocado is quite efficient, used for dandruff and hair loss.

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