Discover The Prostate Massage Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is known as the lack or difficulty of getting an erection strong enough and lasting. Thus, a successful sexual relationship is not achieved at any time.

The number of men who experience problems with erectile dysfunction is really great. It can be due to different causes: anxiety, stress, fatigue, etc…However, talking to a specialist will always be the best way to determine the real cause. Once the cause is diagnosed, it can be done with the right treatment quickly. Beyond treatments with testosterone supplements like Testoultra or RX24, there are other therapies that are also functional, for example, prostate massage therapy for erectile dysfunction. But first of all, let us clarify some concepts.erectile dysfunction

“What is the prostate”?

According to Google, the prostate is defined as follows: “A male mammal gland that is attached to the bladder neck of the urine and to the urethra and secretes a whitish, viscous fluid whose function is to stimulate the movement of spermatozoa.”

In other words, the prostate is an organ that is closely linked to what is ejaculation. Why?

– Because part of the semen is composed of the liquid that secretes the same.

On the other hand, the prostate is also responsible for producing the first liquid that is secreted at the time of having an erection. This is done in order to eliminate any residual urine that might be present and contaminate the semen.

The prostate is located near the rectum. The following image is a bit more explicit about it.

According to the image and location of the prostate, it can be palpated or stimulated through the rectum.

Prostate Massage Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be treated in many ways. Stimulating the prostate adequately is something that not only attacks erection problems but can even produce an orgasm.

The prostate massage therapy for erectile dysfunction is a different way not only to reach orgasm but also to excite the man. That is why it works to attack the problem of weak or nonexistent erections.

Even so, with the erogenous nature of this area, it is unknown by both men and women. If you ask a woman how to make a man reach orgasm without touching his penis, he will not know what to answer. But beyond that, it is a therapy that allows you obtain pleasure assertively.

How is a prostate massage therapy performed for erectile dysfunction?

This is something that you should talk about in a couple … although you can do it alone.

Sex shops have instruments that help you to do it yourself. However, doing it with your partner will always be much more stimulating and fun. The important thing here is to tear down that psychological wall that will not allow you to get your finger in the anus.

After agreeing, you have to do it slowly and very carefully. It is important to stimulate different areas before inserting the finger into the anus and thus achieve greater relaxation.

The best position to do it properly is with the man face up and with the legs flexed. Thus, at the time of getting the erection can interact with the male member while maintaining the prostate massage.

It is not necessary to put the whole finger inside. The prostate is very close to the entrance of the anus. It can be made with a latex glove and some lubricant for comfort.

Once in the prostate, (the finger must be inserted and folded a little up), it should be touched and stimulated gently. With this massage, you get an erection and you can reach orgasms even more intense than the genital orgasms.


There are different solutions to combat erection problems. It is proven that prostate massage therapy for erectile dysfunction works. It is a question of opening the mind and trying out new options that lead to a full sex life. If you have any questions, please leave a comment. Also, share on your social networks and do not forget to add us to your favorite list.

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