SKIMS has a new competitor – Victoria’s Secret new shapewear line Leonisa

Victoria Secret ShapewearVictoria’s Secret has just launched their first shapewear line by partnering with the Leonisa.

The shapewear industry is one of the fastest growing markets within the fashion industry and is expected to double within the next five years. Recently, new shapewear brands have been popping up everywhere, such as Yummie, Smart & Sexy or Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS Solutionwear. SKIMS reportedly sold 2 million dollars of inventory within the first twenty minutes of launching her website.

Victoria’s Secret has been treading on thin ice the last few years with declining sales due to the fact that they are losing popularity with today’s women. Women today prefer to wear lingerie or intimate wear that empowers them and not for men, plus they tend to look for brands that offer inclusivity in sizing, colors and shapes.

The iconic lingerie brand sales have been continuously dropping since 2017, and last year alone they brought in 3.5% less in less from the previous year. In 2019, they recorded more than 170 million dollars in losses but in in 2018 they had more than 100 million in benefits.

Victoria’s Secret hoping to reconnect with the consumer by introducing a shapewear line and they have just launched a swimwear line but with inclusive sizing for all styles. Victoria’s Secret will be collaborating with the Columbian based brand, Leonisa. Leonisa is considered to be a leader in shapewear products for more than sixty years.

Victoria’s Secret, at the moment, will only be selling their new shapewear line through their website and few of their main stores as a trial run. If sales go as planned, then they will be selling them in all of the stores throughout the United States.

One of the advantages with Victoria’s Secret selling shapewear is the hands-on availability. There are more than 1,100 retail locations in the United States and over 50 locations in Canada. Women still prefer being able to physically be able to try on shapewear, as to ensure fit and comfort. Victoria’s Secret also has an easy in-store return policy, if they are not completely satisfied.

One of the biggest complaints with ordering shapewear online is having to return poorly fitting shapewear, plus the extra fees for postage and waiting for the correct size to be sent to them. However, with Victoria’s more than 1000 locations, women can make sure they get the correct size the first time or if they are unsatisfied with their order, they can just drop it off at one of their stores.

Victoria’s Secret’s comeback plan might just be what the lingerie company needs to turn themselves around. Plus, they need to change from their oversexed image that they created over the years, into something a little more real and appealing for today’s women.

The company is employing other tactics to win back the hearts and wallets of their customers by introducing a line of intimates that is more comfortable and size inclusive. Also their new swimwear collection is being praised for the wide selection of sizes and body flattering styles.

If Victoria’s Secret manages to successfully offer shapewear to the general public, it will be a win-win for the entire shapewear market, as people will become reminded of its overall benefits.

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