Walking is good and if you don’t already do it, these 10 tips will help you

Even the longest journey begins with a single step.

At the beginning of our history, walking was our main transport mechanism. We did it out of necessity, not will. Discipline was not necessary, there was simply no other option.

walking exercise

Main for a new health

Movement through low-intensity activities is the base of the health pyramid, but few people pay attention to it. It seems that walking is unsexy, boring, unnecessary. But there’s a reason why it’s the base.

Today, exercising is a conscious, voluntary decision. But even the way we do it has little to do with our natural patterns of movement.

Without making room in your agenda

There are many ways to walk more with minimal impact on your agenda. If you’re wondering where you’re going to get the time to do those extra miles, don’t stress, you can take some of these ideas:

Things you can do

  • Before you use the car, ask yourself if you couldn’t walk better.
  • If you must use the car, park a little further away.
  • If you take the metro or bus, walk on the platform while waiting, get off at an earlier stop and walk the last stretch.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator. At least to get down.
  • Avoid escalators.
  • If you’re at work and they call your cell phone, get up and walk while you talk.
  • While waiting to enter a meeting, walk around the room.
    Get out of the office and walk while you look for a solution to that work problem that overwhelms you so much. Nietzsche said that “all great thoughts originate as you walk”.
  • Instead of inviting a colleague to have a cup of coffee from the machine while they discuss a work-related topic, you can offer to exchange ideas by taking a walk.
  • Hide the TV remote and get up to change the channel you are watching. Or rather, stop watching TV and go for a walk.

Walking is one of the easiest exercises to do; however, it gives us great benefits such as maintaining a healthy heart and even burning some calories.

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