Welcome back the miniskirt and a shorter hemline this summer

Over the last few years, the mid-length skirt and other modest lengths have been dominating the fashion scene. But, the fashion industry has been in a renaissance about shorter hemlines, so expect to see less longer skirt options this summer.

Even though opinions differ about where the first miniskirt was created, nobody disagrees that Mary Quant of London’s King’s Road Boutique was one of the main driving forces of establishing this iconic 60’s trend. Quant’s uniform of a miniskirt, flat ballet shoes and dark tights transformed an entire generation that we have come to love.

classic look the miniskirt

The midi-skirt to the miniskirt transition has been dominating the catwalk this season. Burberry, for example, showed off the cow-print miniskirt on their fashion show and the center of Chanel’s summer collection is a coordinated miniskirt set.


Fashion designers claim that the miniskirt is making a radical comeback due to the London V& A exhibition that showcased 20 years of Quant’s miniskirt designs, bringing the shorter hemlines out of the closet and into the limelight. The question is: will you be wearing this summer’s hottest trend?


Miniskirts hold the essence of more optimistic times and send off a more playful vibe. But does that mean it’s only a young person’s trend? Not at all, you can pull off this vintage look. All you need is the confidence to pull off this look.

Still think miniskirts are for girls under twenty? Check out Gwen Stefani, 49, rocking a denim mini skirt in Los Angeles.

rocking a denim mini skirt

These shorter hemlines are shaking up the recent trend for more so-called modest designs with longer-hemlines and looser styles. Even though we have made great strides towards woman’s rights, many female television presenters have been called out, online, for wearing shorter hemlines.

Such as when Helen Skelton, a sports reporter wore a shorter hemline while reporting on a sports event in Brazil. She was heavily chastised for dressing as if she was going to a nightclub and not reporting on the swimming event. Even though she was showing the same amount of leg as her male counterpart sitting beside her.


Maybe that is why the miniskirt is making a comeback. We have the right to show our legs off especially in the warmer months such as summer. The time is now to defy our right to bare our legs.

Plus, if you have been watching the news lately, you have noticed that the political environment is spelling out a gloomy future. Let’s change our perspective by shorting our hemlines and having a more optimistic outlook.

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