What is dry brushing? Should you start dry brushing?

dry brushing

This new popular wellness trend actually has major health benefits. Recently celebrities everywhere seem to advocating dry brushing to help your body detox and reduce your cellulite.

But before you raise your eyebrows and dismiss dry brushing as one of the many so-called false detox diets or lotions that promised to banish cellulite once and for all, but didn’t do anything. Dermatologists actually recommend dry brushing and have been, for decades.

Dermatologists claim dry brushing will not only erase that lumpy cellulite but it will actually improve your overall health such as boosting your immune system and increasing your energy.

What is dry brushing?

Dry brushing is actually what its name describes; it involves brushing your dry skin with a natural bristle brush. Dermatologists describe dry brushing as a simulating exfoliation for your entire body that removes dead skin cells and increases your blood circulation.

Have you ever heard of a lymphatic drainage massage? This type of massage helps the body remove waste and toxins that buildup in the body. Dry brushing is basically a self-lymphatic massage that you can do daily. Make dry brushing a daily habit that takes less than three minutes a day.

To start dry brushing, just make sure you have a natural bristle (not synthetic) brush with a longer handle. Follow these simple instructions to dry brush:

1. Before having your shower, preferably standing inside of the shower to catch those gross dead skin cells.
2. Start on your neck brushing towards the heart, then the arms and the legs brushing upwards. Brush each area a few times before moving on the next area.
3. Don’t be alarmed, as you get closer to the heart that your skin begins to slightly feel more sensitive.
4. Once you finish rinse your brush out under heat water and leave out to dry for tomorrow.
5. Have a quick shower to rinse of the dead skin cells. If you want to jumpstart your heart, alternate hot and cold water while having your shower.

Benefits from dry brushing

Naturally exfoliates your skin

Stop using your bacteria prone in-shower loofah or scrubby, dry brushing will give you silky smooth skin every day of the year! As we age, our body tends to hold onto dead skin cells, which can make our skin look dimpled and greyish.

Stimulate your lymphatic system

Your immune system is directly linked to your lymphatic system, dry brushing helps your body remove any toxins, bacteria or waste that your body is holding on to. The lymph nodes will filter them out and eliminate them. Hence you will be strengthening your immune system by removing harmful pathogens.

Banishes cellulite

Dry brushing will improve your blood flow, which will pump your skin removing signs of cellulite. But it is only temporary, so you will need to repeat dry brushing everyday. Just make sure to brush with more pressure to that orange peel skin.

Increases energy

Stop before you order that extra shot of espresso. The brushing improves blood flow, which results in more oxygen to your entire body. Giving you a much-needed pick-me up but without the caffeine overdose. It’s a cheap and healthy way to energize your skincare routine.

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