What is premature ejaculation?

It is man’s inability to control ejaculation. Of course, it can be persistent and annoying to present or partner, because there are cases in which the woman is the one who complains or she is the one who is blamed for lack of ability to achieve orgasm.

Their precise diagnosis is difficult because there is no consensus on the time between introduction and ejaculation. Of course, cases in which the man ejaculates before or immediately after introduction are easily diagnosable, but in those where a little more time elapses, great caution should be exercised and careful exploration of the couple’s interaction aspects and the failure frequency percentage (if less than 30%, it would not be so important).

premature ejaculation

This is the dysfunction that in our environment presents itself as the most common among the male population and this is due to the fact that the first sexual experiences of men occur under circumstances of haste in time, which conditions a rapid ejaculation.

There can of course be other psychological and organic causes, a good treatment are prostate massages, not only help to improve the erection, they also stimulate the control of ejaculation.

It is worth stressing that, in our environment, it is not easy for a man to admit that he has some other sexual dysfunction that is not as obvious as the inability to get and/or maintain an erection, so he tries not to admit and “blame” his partner in his place. Perhaps because of this, it is usually the woman who turns to the health professional for help for herself or for him.

Problems to obtaining ejaculation

Delayed ejaculation can be defined as an inhibition of the ejaculatory reflex. The severity of this alteration varies considerably, ranging from an involuntary inhibition of occasional ejaculation, to the case of a person who has never been able to experience ejaculation in his or her life.

In the intermediate cases we can find patients who are unable to ejaculate with a woman or in a particular situation and in others yes. These patients do not always come for sexual consultation. The most common cases are those who, in consultation, report that they are unable to reach orgasm by intercourse for further attempts, but who can do so with oral or manual stimulation.

Ejaculatory incompetence may be due to the ingestion of drugs or alcohol, organic or psychological factors. This dysfunction should not be confused with priapism, which is not considered a sexual dysfunction, but a disease whose condition of intense and painful permanent erection is not coupled in the least with sexual desire and its causes are purely organic.

A large number of people who produce this dysfunction may soon develop erectile dysfunction as a defensive reaction, both outside and during treatment.

Partial ejaculatory incompetence

A variant of ejaculatory incompetence is a syndrome whose ejaculatory response is partially inhibited. In these cases the ejaculation phase occurs, but with absence of contractions of eight per second. When this type of patient ejaculates, it emits semen and perceives this emission, but does not have the sensations of orgasm.

This alteration has not been studied in depth, but appears to have its origins in both psychological and organic causes.

Ejaculatory incompetence seems to have a low incidence, but every day more cases seem to occur, so we can say that, in the absence of statistics, it is not known how often they can occur.

Finally, there is a type of ejaculation called retrograde ejaculation, because the semen is ejaculated into the bladder. The orgasmic sensation is the same as in normal ejaculation, but the sphincter fails, closes before ejaculation to avoid passing urine, and the semen is ejaculated backwards.

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