What to wear – Spring and Summer 2019

It might seem impossible, but winter is finally coming to its glorious finale and we couldn’t be more ecstatic. However, as we start putting those cumbersome boots and jackets away for next winter, it is time that we start thinking about how we need to spruce up our wardrobe for this spring and summer.

Will your favorite styles from last year still be relevant? How can you spruce up your wardrobe without looking like you are stuck in last year’s trends? Which styles from 2018 are still trendy this year and which ones are out?

We have compiled some of last year’s trends that are bigger and better this year. Be prepared to be surprised as to what is still considered stylish this year. So, get ready to get your wardrobe ready before spring and summer arrives! Keep scrolling to discover what you will be wearing.

Bucket hats

Bucket hats

We were hoping that bucket hats would’ve stayed in 2018, but after a series of Fashion Weeks, it is obvious that this trend is here to stay. Thankfully though, last year’s veiled hat trend had a shorter shelf life. Bucket hats provide you with a fashionable way of protecting your skin from the sun. Look for funky patterns, embellished designs and bright colors this year.

trends bucket

The short suit

The short suit

Power suits aren’t going anywhere except with your shorts. Last year, we saw a rise in popularity with pantsuits and skirt suits, but this year we are seeing a fresher, more innovative trend. Pair a more causal tailored suit with a pair of shorts instead of a conventional pant or skirt. Julie Roberts rocked this style in the early 90’s in the iconic movie Pretty Woman.

fashion trends short

Almost invisible sandals

invisible sandals

Actually, even though the retro look dominated the Fashion Runway’s this year, we saw quite a few 90’s comeback trends such as the barely-there sandal. We are pleased as punch that this sexy style has decided to hang around for another year or two. Barely-there sandals are this year’s new stilettos.

floss heels strappy sandal



The tie-dye trend started bubbling up towards the end of last summer and designers were not ready to bid farewell to this stylish fashion statement quite yet. This is a must-have trend that any fashion divas need in their wardrobe for this spring and summer, so we suggest you better buy into this trend today!

Belt bags

Belt bags

We were actually surprised to see this trend make a comeback this year, as we seriously thought it had a questionable shelf life. But thanks to IT girls and this years catwalk shows, it proved us wrong and showed us that it is one style is here to stay. But thankfully, designers are getting more creative with more flattering styles and designs.

Best Bum Bags



Boilersuits are especially big in the street scene this year. Even though this style might seem intimidating, it is one of the easiest trends to pull off this season. The best part about this stylish trend is you can step up your look by adding a few accessories and you will look like you stepped out of a fashion magazine.

Leather everything

Matrix fashion

The 2018 Matrix fashion trend is back for another year, but this time with a more tailored look with a whole new color palette. Expect to see a wide assortment of leather ensembles in delightful colors such as rouge, navy blue, etc. We love the fact that the leather trend has a more feminine style as opposed to last year’s dominatrix style.

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