What we’ll all be wearing spring summer

This winter has not been a joy, with daily snow flurries and freezing temperatures, we are ready to jump into a warmer season. Thankfully, this spring and summer season is going to be a scorcher. You will see why, after you ponder what your spring summer 2019 wardrobe is going to look like.

Even though we still have a few months before we can actually indulge ourselves in these new styles, we can start updating our closet right now. So, scroll down to discover what we’ll be wearing in a few months.

Oversized hats

If you have so much as glanced at some of the top picks from Fashion Week, you no doubt spotted huge, oversized hats. We aren’t talking about your everyday old straw hat, but stylish hats you will be proud to wear in public.

oversized hats

Sensibly modest shorts

Last year, cycling shorts stole the show, but never really took off. Honestly who wants to show their lumps and bumps to the world while taking the dog for a walk? This year, things are looking a little more modest, comfortable and looser. Expect to see tailored, knee-length styles made from natural fabrics for your summer go-to.

modest shorts

The micro pleat

Last year, pleats were welcomed and this year they are back but this time with a much more intricate and tighter pleats. The micro pleat will give your style a sleeker design, creating a more attractive silhouette, plus it hides any of those areas that don’t make you feel so secure.

micro pleat

Tie-dyed everything

You might be surprised to see this 70’s iconic print making a come back, but believe us, you are going to love this new trend. Most of us will shy away from wearing a bold, tie-dyed two-piece but it will embrace a summery inspired beach maxi with a pair of sandals.

Tie-dyed everything

Luxury flats

One of the most notorious trends we noticed at this year’s Fashion Week was the absence of stiletto heels, making this year’s styles much more down-to-earth. Fancy flats dominated the runway, for which our feet are already thanking us.

luxury flats


Last year, we had very unpredictable weather during summer, so we can never be too prepared. Finally, waterproofed wear that you will actually feel like wearing out and not just for gardening.



Last season was all about the cowboy boot, but the western-theme is ready to infiltrate your wardrobe this spring and summer. Expect to see just about everything adorned with fringes, such as jackets, skirts, handbags and even shoes.


Neon Colors

Last year we saw the appearance of Kodak-worthy colors popping up all over the runways but it never really made it off. This year they are back again, but this time with zesty, vibrant hues that give your wardrobe that pick-up it is screaming for.

Neon Colors

Puffy shoulders

Padded shoulders aren’t really a new trend, but this year’s biggest designers are taking those boxy shoulders to a whole new puffier level. The only disadvantage with this new look is that you need to pray that weather holds up, as you can’t wear a jacket over them.

Puffy shoulders

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