Where do celebrities buy dresses? 👗

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The Oscars are coming! All the glamour and excitement! Don’t you agree, the Red Carpet is one of the most important moments of the Oscars? Have you ever wondered where do the celebs get those ‘to die for’ outstandingly, gorgeous gowns? How much do they pay for them? And how do they choose the perfect one?

You will be surprised to learn the answers to these incredibly important questions. It depends on who you are of course but let’s say you are one of the really big celebrities. Your name is on the nominated list. Just imagine the feelings, emotions and the stress!

How would you go about finding the perfect dress?

1. A personal stylist and a personal shopper

Their secret is that they already have someone doing the worrying for them. Their job is to make sure the celebrity image stays perfectly flawless! Apparently, having your own personal shopper and your own stylist is part of the celeb package and not considered too expensive. Being a celebrity is an extremely busy lifestyle and you just wouldn’t have time to think about those things. Again, imagine it is you and you picked the wrong dress and the pictures were just awful. Your career could be ruined.

2. A solid relationship with a designer

This is an important asset- a personal fashion designer who knows you and what looks great on you. Before your career gets to the Oscars stage, you already have built a strong working relationship. This fashion designer is banking on you to strut your stuff in their masterpiece designed just for you. As soon as your name is announced, the team is busy working on the perfect dress.

3. Business behind the Scenes

An Oscar winner wearing a designer’s gown means money in the bank for them. We have heard the question on the red carpet: “WHO are you wearing?Some celebrities can earn as much as $250,000.00 to wear a designer gown on the red carpet which can be shared with the stylist and shopper.

Some celebs strike contractual agreements to endorse their products and be reimbursed throughout the year. Some have lucrative contracts to support a certain ‘brand’. There is a huge business in the fashion industry with rules and regulations.

4. FREE designer gown

Yes, you read that right. Free! Let’s be honest-we have all drooled over the gowns and wondered how they could afford the price. The really big celebrity names are almost guaranteed that they will be absolutely, ‘eye-popping out gorgeous’ in an extremely outrageously expensive gown by a famous fashion designer, for FREE. But, the deal is, they don’t keep it but return it the next day. Some do get to keep the gown though!

5. How do the Celebs choose their gown?

The important word here is they do choose the gown. But it isn’t a simple process. It starts as soon as they are nominated. First call is to the actress to see what she would like. Then the stylist will make requests to designers or showrooms for looks that fit with what she wants. Then the stylist will begin to consult on a custom gown. It has been known to have up to 60 different gowns set before the celeb. The stylist has the responsibility to ensure that there will be no repeat looks. The stylist and designer can be a huge help in the celeb making the right choice.

The end goal

The celebrity in the gown feels beautiful. She is relaxed, confident and enjoying every minute on the red carpet. She feels happy, comfortable and secure. She is totally celebrating all the hard work that went before this moment. That’s the whole goal.

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